Become an Expert: How to Prove You Are an Expert

How do you become an expert? Well, it starts by first deciding you want to be an expert then putting in the time to gain expert knowledge. In this video, I break down a key way you can not only become an expert but also prove it.

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How to convince people that you are really
the true expert at whatever.
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It starts by actually being an expert.
Yeah, no shit, Sherlock, right?
You need to know what you’re doing
before you can start selling yourself as an expert.
You need to be the real thing.
I mean, I guess it’s weird that we even need to talk
about these things.
On the internet,
I mean, nobody knows that you’re actually a dog, right?
First thing,
you need to decide that you even want to be an expert.
‘Cause maybe you’re better off doing something else.
For me,
when I decided that I’m gonna be an expert at something,
it actually was an inspiration for a book
called Now, Discover Your Strengths.
Now there’s a follow-up, Strengths Finder 2.0
and maybe there’s even more out there,
but basically, it’s a natural talent.
Kind of a test, a methodology there
done by the Gallup Organization.
So anyway, my talent said that,
the book told me that like,
I’m good retaining information.
I’m good at taking action.
I’m good at learning fast.
All these things that were made me suitable.
Like, all these traits that made me suitable
to be an expert.
And I decided, yes, I want to be an expert
at this one thing.
And then you need to learn all you can about this subject.
Read all the books, read all the articles,
’cause in the beginning when you’re just getting started
it’s very hard for you to tell what’s a good source
and what’s not a good source.
So you need to rely on other people
giving you recommendations
and eventually, you’ll build up enough expertise
to be able to distinguish between good and bad sources
for information.
And of course,
there’s no substitution to actually taking action
and doing it and getting results.
Be it conversion optimization analytics,
you know you name it.
Whatever it might be.
What’s really good investment is like if you’re trying
to get coaching from people who’ve been there, done that.
So, like, pay people money to show you the ropes.
To get you from A to B.
And so if you have the actual expertise,
well then,
people that you do work for will start referring you.
So that’s one way where how you can convince people
that you’re an expert when somebody else says,
yeah, this guy is the shit.
So you just need to be proactive at showing
that you know your craft.
(cool rock music)

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